Why SEO is Essential


Having quality search engine optimization (SEO) is absolutely essential if you want to effectively market your business online in 2020. 81% of people begin their search on google before they ever decide to buy something. If you are thinking about buying your way to the first page then just remember that 84% of the clicks on Google are organic, meaning that people are not clicking on ads to find their ideal product or service. 


Ranking first on Google does require some work, however. What specifically should you focus on to appeal to Google’s algorithm? There are two conditions a website must satisfy in order for Google to rank it well; relevance and trust. In this article, we will discuss why SEO is essential to market your business in 2020.

How SEO Can Market your Business


Some of the factors that Google takes into account when determining the relevancy of your website are the following: your website’s code, keyword-focused content, and most recently is making sure it’s mobile-friendly. It doesn’t matter how pretty you think your site looks because when it comes to SEO, Google will simply analyze your website’s code to determine if there are any issues in it. Also, having content that will attract local buyers with the appropriate keywords is going to go a long way for your SEO. One of the newest criteria for google to determine your relevancy on its page 1 is how mobile-friendly your website is, you will be moved down the rankings if it’s not easy to use on mobile devices.


The second part of the SEO success equation is trust, which is the long term component of cultivating great SEO. The simplest way Google determines trust is by seeing how many websites have links that link back to your website. The most effective way to build these links is by building quality links in a natural way on sites that Google already trusts so that you’re building a diverse link portfolio with sites that Google deems as having authority.

Time is Everything


One of the most important factors that you have no control over but you must keep in mind when optimizing your SEO is time. Building trust with Google is similar to building trust in a relationship. If you plan on using SEO to market your business, you will need patience. To really get ahead on Google you’ll need about 6 months of effort to really make a noticeable difference in your SEO. We assume you would like to be in business much longer than 6 months so start now and do not let up until you have the results you want. 


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