Maintaining an Authentic Business


There are a lot of tips and tricks out there to improve your online presence, this website being one of those. However still, we all have a tendency to get lost in the sauce. We focus so much on all the little ways to get ahead that we neglect foundational business principles. One of the most neglected, but most important principles of business is authenticity. 


Chances are your business is not the first of its kind, unless of course, you are bringing a totally new product or service to the market that has never been seen before. Even if that is the case, whether you know it or not, your business has a personality. That personality or company culture is oftentimes the determining factor for if people want to do business with you, work for or at your company, or even remember your company. There may be countless companies doing the same thing as yours or even something similar but there is only one of your company. 

There is only one of your company


Just like people, your company is not brought into existence fully developed. Your business starts in its infant stages and requires a lot of attention and careful guidance to become a big, strong, and healthy company. To ensure it grows into something healthy, the most important tool you have at your disposal is authenticity. Authenticity is important in many ways.


Having everyone on the team communicating authentically on where the business is at and where they think it’s going will help you build a company culture that you love being a part of and others want to be a part of. If it does not feel uncomfortable or difficult discussing your thoughts, you probably are not being honest enough with your team members, but most importantly, you are not being honest with yourself. Authenticity is crucial during this stage because it will set the precedent for how your business will operate and how effectively it will grow. A business built on convenient white lies will never withstand the turbulence of challenges that the real world will throw at it.