How to scale your company with TikTok: Organically and with Ads

If you have a product or service that you believe is on fire and is going to...

If you have a product or service that you believe is on fire and is going to crush the market, or it has already smashed it, and you want to scale your products to a higher level of sales and revenue, we have prepared these steps that we encourage you to put into operation.

TikTok is one of the most downloaded apps, with 2 billion users. Its audience amplifies to older demographics with more purchasing power, like millennials, baby boomers, and more. So it’s about taking the chance now or never. 


Some people say it’s all about Ads, but we definitely have proved that having a great content plan for organic TikTok videos is scalable and can take you to reach millions of people if you push the right button.
It is well known that many brands have “Cross the Chasm” by implementing a well-oriented TikTok organic plan. Here are some steps that will help scale your strategy.

1. Get on TikTok FYP

The For You Page is the main page where you land when you open your TikTok app; it shows people you don’t follow yet and that TikTok thinks are right for you.

Getting into the FYP allows you to organically reach audiences that may be interested in your brand. You can gain more followers, engagement, and sales. Additionally, if you reach 10.000 followers, you can access the TikTok Creator Fund, allowing you to monetize your content. Finally, you will redirect traffic to the various online assets you have, which will help you develop your online presence.

Choosing the right hashtags will increase your capacity to be discovered by others, so before starting, you should research which ones suit your audience’s interests better.

2. Communicate Your Brand Value Through UGC

Three words: scroll-stopping videos. If you have the chance to spend some time on the platform, you should have realized that ultra-produced videos are not daily bread. So basically, you have the opportunity to humanize your brand through videos recorded in a natural way. 

Today the maximum length for videos is 10 minutes, allowing you to explore your creativity to create different categories from 15 seconds short videos and 1-minute videos to short webinars and podcasts, among other great ideas.
As in every strategy, you should be testing and tweaking to find out what kind of content resonates more with your audience and, of course, which brings you more money in your company’s pocket.

3. The Power of Influencer Marketing

People need somebody to look up to and trust; they follow influencers. As a brand, you have a clear interest in selling your product, so people will be more likely to not believe in your word but others. The creator market moves millions in dollars because of its effectiveness. So to scale your brand, you mustn’t get left behind in the creator market opportunities.

We will present you two ways you can sum up this strategy to your inbound marketing:

  • Find a marketing agency that segments creators for you, and establish long-term relationships with the ones that are best for your objectives and business.
  • Look into the Creators Marketplace and segment based on: the most recognized in your niche, the ones that have an audience similar to your customer persona, and those who share your values, because when choosing influencers, people are going to start seeing them as the face of your brand, so keep in mind that.

When it comes to engaging, TikTok overtakes other platforms. So regardless of the path you choose, you will certainly be more likely to become viral and become the top of mind for your niche.

Growing With TikTok Ads

1. Creatives are everything

It doesn’t mean that you have to make expensive investments in ultra-triple HD videos. Compared to other platforms, TikTok rewards transparency and naturalness, which is conveyed in the well-called User Generated Content or UGC.

These are the Secret weapon processes (till now) that we use to create great UGC:

  • Audit the brand assets
  • Generate User/ Buyer / Customer Persona
  • Market Research on the competitor’s strategy
  • Segment the creators per industry, audience, objectives, and case studies. 
  • Review brand alignment
  • Create the briefs
  • Implement along with our creative special forces team
  1. Choose the right objective, and don’t be afraid of testing

The goals to be chosen from top to bottom of the funnel are:

Awareness: Reach

Consideration: Traffic, App Installs, or Video Views
Conversion: Conversion.

Think about your goals and what stage of the funnel you want to focus on: Traffic? Sales? Video Views? Your call!

  1. Segment putting yourself in your audience’s shoes

This is a great moment to take your customer persona out of your pocket and use that information to create different ad groups and test if your data is accurate or needs updates.

TikTok offers several categories to segment your ad groups; this allows your team to test with audiences and learn more about those more interested in achieving your goal. You will segment by location, language, gender, age, household income, audience, interests, and behaviors. 

Use your databases to win in the battleground, creating lookalike audiences that will facilitate your work and allow the algorithm to learn more about your current customers, thus finding those who are similar to them. TikTok Ads’ best feature (according to us) is the segmentation by interests, and it’s different from other platforms and gives you many options.

Add interests:

You can choose between General Interest and Purchase Intention audiences. And in this case, TikTok brings 20 predetermined categories, among which you will find Business Services, Financial Services, Tech and Electronics, and E-commerce (non-app), among others. But the magic here is that you can look in the search bar for more interests if non of this suits your business.

Add behavior: Video Interactions.
A picture is worth a thousand words:]

Add behavior: Creator Interactions.
Most people follow creators because they feel they are represented for them in some way; that’s why this segmentation will let you reach people interested in creators in certain categories. The TikTok platform uses artificial intelligence to categorize creators and help you reach the people that follow them. Some categories are Fashion & Beauty, Home & Garden, Fitness and Health, and many more. 

Add Behavior: Hashtag Interactions
Here you can target millions of hashtags; any keyword that you consider relevant to your niche will be possible to test.

It’s not a mission impossible anymore; your company will surely conquer TikTok Ads.

The time has come to say goodbye to this blog post, but not before thanking you for coming this far, you are on the right path to cross the chasm.

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