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We are data scientists and creatives

Your growth marketing team

Yamu is a team of highly experienced data scientists and creatives who can be mobalized to accomplish any mission. We take extreme ownership of our actions and work diligently to get results. Our mission is to empower leaders to scale impactful companies. We serve as connectors, the bridge between your brand and mainstream customers. Unlike other marketing partners, we don’t shy away from saying we don’t know what will work for your company. But we are resilient enough to find something that works without compromising on quality. We value transparency and ownership. As a diverse team, we strive to create change in the world of marketing and lead the frontiers of a tech-enabled ecosystem.

Kanishka Wanninayaka

Founder & CEO

Serial entrepreneur with 10 years in SaaS, E-commerce and venture backed companies. Core skills in building teams and digital growth strategy.

Ed Young

COO & Managing Director

Ed brings 20+ years of experience in consulting and leadership to Yamu. Ed focuses on developing and delivering technology and data-driven marketing services and solutions to drive profitable revenue growth while providing an exceptional client experience.

Shawn Pearce

Fractional CFO

From derivatives trading and private equity to winemaking; Shawn follows his passions. His love of finance and business building brought him to Yamu.

Dylan Cohen

Senior Growth Strategist

Dylan is one of Yamu’s co-founders. He has managed large marketing teams for SaaS companies ranging from $1mm to $15mm. Dylan is passionate about the growth and creating marketing teams of different specialties, resulting in more efficient and effective campaigns.

Brandon Sanzo

Director of Sales


Sadaqut Khan

SEO Manager

Sadi is an SEO expert with 15+ years of experience. Skilled in on-page optimization, technical SEO, and link building, Sadi is a strategic thinker with a growth mindset. Sadi has worked with 75+ businesses/websites of all types and sizes.

Kumar Vanshaj

PPC Manager

Kumar is a media buying specialist with 10 years of experience in Google Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Pinterest Ads, SnapAds, and Native advertising. Kumar has worked with several industries, including e-commerce, B2B (SaaS), real estate, and local businesses. He is also known for his expertise in digital marketing and for generating significant returns on investment for clients.

Juan David Valdivieso

CRO Strategist

Juan David is a Certified Facilitator in Human-Centered Design and System Thinking by IDEO and ACUMEN. He also has over 10 years of experience in UX/UI Design, CRO, and CX Design working in industries such as – Fintech, Airlines, Healthcare, Government, and Higher Education. His educational background is in Social Sciences (Political Studies and Sociology) with an emphasis in User Research and agile methodologies (SCRUM and UX Lean).

Stephanie Souvannavong

UX Designer

Stephanie is an experienced creative with a background in business and marketing. She uses her passion for design and interest in human behavior to create meaningful user experiences. Stephanie has worked on branding, UX/UI, and web development projects for B2B SaaS, D2C e-commerce, professional service firms, and non-profits.

Vinko Pavlovic


Clark Dever


Jack Greco


Who we are

Empowering leaders to scale impactful companies

The ability to communicate the truth is the foundation to project success. Building a company is hard, visibility is key to making good decisions.


There are many factors that influence behavior. We are conscious of variables outside of the regular that drive impact.

Creative & Data Driven

We rely on data to prove assumptions. We build on multivariate data over time to enable predictability which leads to scalability.


This journey we are all on is a long one. We aim to enjoy the process and share that energy with you.

Thank you

For being a part of our first year | 2020 - 2021
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You Grow

We Grow

When our team came together to figure out why we exist and whom we wish to work with, we realized that we care deeply about the nature of the relationships we build. We want to believe in people as much as they believe in themselves. To do that, we are selective about whom we work with.

That led to creating the slogan “You grow, we grow.” It accentuates that we tie our happiness, success, and growth to the growth of the people we work with. Our time is valuable, our energy is valuable, and we enthusiastically invest, in our clients, all that we have to offer.

We want our clients to know that we are in it with them. We want people to feel like we are partners. Especially with the nature of marketing, there are some risks that must be taken. We want people to understand that they can trust us to take these risks and we will treat their business, money, and time with respect.